Why Pony Xpress Club?

  • Kids love horses.
  • You want to encourage his love of horses but his own pony isn't in the picture (yet!) 
  • She DOES have her own pony but can't spend every minute of every day at the barn (can she?)
  • Actual horses are miles away from where you live.
  • The toy shop has nothing new - or has closed (RIP Toys R Us)!
  • You're worried he's spending too much time online.
  • She's read every horse book in the library. Twice.
  • No sitting in traffic or going shopping required!
  • Great value and fun inside every time.

What's in the Box?

Each month, Pony Xpress Club sends a box full of carefully chosen horse-themed books, toys, arts & crafts kits, treats, and more to your young horse lover!

Past boxes have included Breyer activity kits, color-your-own riding socks, tote bags,  plush horses, lollipops, electronic unicorn noisemakers, sterling silver bracelets, movies, pencil/accessory pouches, mousepads, card games, melting slime unicorns, non-fiction books, freeze-dried apples, unicorn horns, fashion jewelry, Aquarelle painting kits, rubber duckie horses, American Girl activity books, trinket boxes, unicorn poop, 3D puzzles, fiction books, magnets, apple hair clips, and model horses by Papo, Schleich, and of course - Breyer!

No time to shop for all that?

We got it covered!

What are My Options?

Who's Behind Pony Xpress Club?

A lifelong horse-crazy girl! As a kid, I drew horses, read about horses, collected Breyer model horses, and, of course, rode horses! I know what it's like to obsess over an animal, to learn everything you can about them, and to dream horse dreams day and night. I want to inspire kids to follow those dreams, to keep them, to encourage their passions and their thirst for knowledge. Heads up, Heels down, and Ride on!

--Julie Inmon

Founder, Pony Xpress Club