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About Pony Xpress Club - An Origin Story!

Where did this idea come from anyway?

Our Founder, Julie, has loved horses (as well as all other animals) as long as she can remember. Her first Breyer Horse was actually passed down from her mother, who received it as a gift in the 1960s. She's always wanted to ride and own horses, and as a young girl read everything she could about their care, training, breeding, upkeep, gaits, disciplines, and history. She collected hundreds of Breyers and moved on to collecting various pieces of tack for her future pony. On the weekends, it wasn't unusual to find her cleaning an old halter or saddle in the front yard of her suburban home. In short, Julie was a horse-crazy girl.

Throughout her adult life, Julie has continued to love horses, Though not always able to ride as often as she'd like or be as involved in the equestrian world as some others have been, her fundamental belief remains the same: that no matter what level of equine activities a girl is able to pursue, her drive to learn and enjoy these beautiful creatures should be encouraged. Knowledge and Education are never a waste of time.

In this spirit, we created Pony Xpress Club to foster, broaden, and deepen each young horsewoman's understanding of the animals they love so much. We look forward to helping enrich their lives as much as our love for horses has enriched ours.

We welcome your inquiries, suggestions, and comments! Send us an email at hello@ponyxpress.club!