Frequently Asked Questions


When will we get our first box?

Your first box will ship in the third week of the month following your signup. For example, if you sign up any time during the month of September, your box will ship in the third week of October.

Is it only horse toys?

No Way! Mixin' it up with books, arts, crafts, accessories, treats, and more! And of course, pony toys, because they're awesome.

What is this Saddle Bag Book Club?

This is our NEW book-only option! No toys or accessories, just horse and pony themed books with an occasional media item such as a video or CD thrown in for variety. Perfect for the voracious reader who can't get enough of all things equine, or the reluctant reader who needs a little encouragement!

Is Pony Xpress Club for girls only?

Pony Xpress Club is primarily geared towards girls 8-13 who can't get enough of all things horsey! But we welcome anyone who shares a passion for these creatures and enjoys horsey toys, books, and activities! We are actively working on becoming more inclusive so more kids can enjoy the Club - if you have any suggestions or ideas please drop us a line, we'd love to hear from you!

Should I get BOTH the Saddle Bag Book Club and the regular Pony or Horse-sized Box?

I sure would love to say "Yes, of course!" but right now there may be some duplication of books between the two subscriptions. We're thinking about ways to accomodate people who just love books and can't get enough - stay tuned!

What is your cancellation policy?

No problem! Cancel anytime!